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Book Review: Die For Me (Revenants 1) by Amy Plum

Author: Amy Plum Published: May 10th 2011 by  Publisher: HarperTeen (first published May 5th 2011) ISBN 0062004018 (ISBN13: 9780062004017) Original Title: Die for Me Series: Revenants #1 Characters: Kate Beaumont Mercier, Vincent Pierre Henri Delacroix, Georgia Frances Mercier, Jules Marchenoir, Ambrose Bates ... Literary Awards: Romance Times top pick for May (2011), Summer 2011 Indie Next List (2011)

Book Blurb: My life had always been blissfully, wonderfully normal. But it only took one moment to change everything.
Suddenly, my sister, Georgia, and I were orphans. We put our lives into storage and moved to Paris to live with my grandparents. And I knew my shattered heart, my shattered life, would never feel normal again. Then I met Vincent.
Mysterious, sexy, and unnervingly charming, Vincent Delacroix appeared out of nowhere and swept me off my feet. Just like that, I was in danger of losing my heart all over again. But I was ready to let it happen.
Of course, nothing is ever that easy. Becaus…

Book Review: Between (Crossroads Saga 2) by Mary Ting

Crossroads Saga Book 2

Author:Mary Ting

Print ISBN:9781937593780

E-Book ISBN:9781937593797

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Release Date:1/12/2012

Book Blurb:

As the alkins head back to Crossroads, Claudia 
leads her normal life; but not for long. Having a 
special soul, Claudia attracts danger, and she soon 
finds out who Gamma asked to watch over her. 

The Twelve, known as Divine Elders on Earth, are very much involved when they find out that Aliah, one of the God’s first angels, escaped from the Abyss when the gates were opened by Aden. Needing Claudia’s soul to escape the only place Aliah can reside–a place between Heaven and Earth–he sends his demons in search of all Claudia Emersons on Earth. Taking her soul will enable him to be released from Between and cross over to Crossroads, which would give him immense power. 

As more secrets are revealed Claudia learns about the venators—nephilim, demon hunters.  

Now two opposing forces must work together in order to save Claudia and humanity from the m…

Author Guest Post: Between by Mary Ting Blog Tour

Hi my loves! I have another blog tour here! Yup! I know I'm on a roll today! I'm lucky to be a part of this wonderful tour! We have an Author Guest Post from Ms. Mary Ting today! This tour is for the second installment of Crossroads Saga called Between.

And now, let's see what Ms. Mary Ting have for us.

If Between will ever be made into a movie, who would you choose as lead characters?
This was really difficult…lol!!!

Claudia -Nina Debrov-I picture Claudia to have a sweet face. Natural beauty.
Michael - Ben Barnes-He has a charming smile and eyes that are inviting.
Davin - Channing Tatum-He seems friendly and fun to hang out with....okay…I’ll admit that he’s!!!
Vivian -Megan Fox
Caleb - Chase Crawford
Austin - Ian Somerhalder-I picture Austin to be sexy looking with a devious smile.
Katherine - Catherine Zeta Jones

Holly - Dakota Fanning

Patrick - Logan Lerman

Trinity - Odette Annable

Patty - Amanda Seyfried

Kristina - Mila Kunis

Philip -Orlando Bloom

Agnes - Kate…

Author Interview: Elizabeth Reyes (Moreno Brothers Series)

Hey everyone! I'm here again with another blog tour! We have Ms. Elizabeth Reyes in my blog today. She's very gracious to accept this interview. And now let's get to know more about the author of 'The Moreno Brothers Series'

Can you tell us something about yourself that we don't know yet?I was this close to becoming a court interpreter. I’d taken all the online classes studied and passed the first part of the test. (there are three parts) I then began to study for the second part at the same time I started doing rewrites of Forever Mine. (for fun) When I decided to publish I put my studying aside to concentrate on marketing my book and write the second one. Best decision I’ve made to date. =)     

When did you realize you waned to write a book?I decided I wanted to write a book when I was in high school and I started to. I decided I wanted to finish said book when I was able to quit my job and be a stay home mom, MANY years later.

What did you do to get your books…

Book Review: Forever Mine (The Moreno Brothers Book 1) by Elizabeth Reyes

Author: Elizabeth Reyes Edition Language: English Original Title: Forever Mine Series: The Moreno Brothers #1 Published: September 6th 2010 ASIN:     B00427ZI2C

Book Blurb:
Seventeen-year old Sarah’s life is turned upside down when her single mom is sent to jail. She’s forced to move, leaving behind everything she’s ever known, including her best friend Sydney. Lost and bitter in a new school, her one goal is to save money and move back home. Then she meets Angel Moreno. 
Enigmatic but gorgeous, Angel is almost too good to be true. Except for one thing, his archaic belief that guys and girls can never be “just friends”. The problem? Sarah’s best friend Sydney is not a girl. 
With their unexpected romance intensifying to places neither ever experienced, how long can Sarah keep Angel in the dark about the guy waiting for her back home?

My Thoughts:
Forever Mine is the first installment of The Moreno Brothers Series by Elizabeth Reyes
This is a very nice story that deals with the fierce emotion of…

Book Review: Take This Regret by Amy Lichtenhan

Author: Amy Lichtenhan
Category: Romance
Publication date: Jul 28, 2011
Pages: 250
ISBN (paper): 978-1-61213-050-7
ISBN (ebook): 978-1-61213-051-4

Book Blurb:

There are some mistakes we make that we will regret for the rest of our lives. For Christian, it was the day he betrayed Elizabeth. 

Christian Davison has a plan for his life. He is determined to become an attorney and to one day take his place as partner in his father’s law firm. Nothing will stand in his way, not even Elizabeth Ayers and their unborn child. 

After Christian cuts her from his life, Elizabeth spends the next five years struggling to provide for her daughter and willing to sacrifice anything to give her child a safe, comfortable life. 

For five years, Christian has regretted the day he walked away from his family and will do anything to win them back just as Elizabeth will do anything to protect her daughter from the certain heartache she believes Christian will bring upon them. 

When Christian wrestles his way into their l…

Promo Stop: Demons of Infernum Series by Rosalie Lario

(Demon of Infernum Series Book 1)
Keegan lives to exact revenge on the evil demon who sired and abused him. When his father devises a plan to bring upon the apocalypse, he and his three half-brothers, inter-dimensional bounty-hunters for the Elden Council, are charged with capturing and delivering their father for punishment.
Art gallery owner Brynn Meyers has no idea that her abilities to read memories embedded in objects and drain people of their life force means she has demon ancestry. Unfortunately for Brynn, she’s also the key to raising an ancient zombie army, which puts her on every demon’s Most Wanted List.
And no one wants her more than Mammon.
Keegan must protect Brynn from his father by any means necessary, but he’ll have to learn to harness the other half of his genetics—the far deadlier, uncontrollable side—when he starts to fall for the one woman standing between him and the vengeance he so desperately seeks. The one woman he’ll never be able to resist.