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Book Review: Labyrinth (Acropolis Series Book 2) by R.K. Ryals

Author: R.K. Ryals Title: Labyrinth  Series: Acropolis Series Pages: 157 pages Language: English ASIN: B009I5KI7S

Book Blurb:
"There are countless wise quotes that wax poetic about choosing a path in life, poetry about the road less traveled, but there is nothing that says either path is easy. Each path requires sacrifice, each path is full of scars." ~Emma Chase
My name is Conor Reinhardt. I am a gargoyle Guardian in exile for killing my own. My mark is safe, the group of hybrids we've led from the Acropolis, secure. There's a new hybrid king in the Outer Levels of Hell, and he needs the Acropolis refugees. I expect the journey ahead. I even expect the danger. I don't expect the shadows that haunt me, those beckoning spirits of guilt that never let me sleep. Guilt from killing my own. I don't expect the things the hybrids learn about themselves. I don't expect many of the challenges in our path. I'm not sure I even expect us to survive The Labyrinth.

My Thoug…